Santorum For GOP
Who should be a part of the Santorum For GOP campaign?

Do you hate the modern Republican party and everything it has come to represent? Do you want to see the far-right party in America thoroughly embarrassed? Here’s your chance. You belong in the struggle to get Rick Santorum nominated president by the Republican party.

This is a campaign to push Santorum to the top of the Republican pig pile, so that we get the chance to make the GOP into the ultimate laughingstock that we all know it ought to be.

People who criticize Obama from the left have a stake in this campaign; it gives them leeway to vote Green because doing so obviously won’t give the election away to the Republicans if “man on dog" Rick is the nominee.

People who support Obama have a stake in this campaign; it gives him the greatest chance of victory because Santorum will alienate everyone who isn’t already a far-right ideologue, whereas Romney has much more of a connection to independents, moderates, and non-culture-warring business-minded conservatives.

Gay rights activists have a stake in this campaign; due to Santorum's “Google problem”, if Santorum gets the nomination it will force the GOP to put all their cards on the table with regard to how they think of gay people, and force at least some of the national debate to be about the things Santorum has said about gays.

Feminists have a stake in this campaign; all the major GOP candidates want to attack women’s rights, but only Santorum will have to defend the decision he and his wife made to do the very thing that he would now make illegal. The more times the GOP nominee says this choice was “personal”, the more obvious the right’s hypocrisy becomes in trying to control equally “personal” matters of every woman’s health.

Racial minorities have a stake in this campaign; while all the GOP candidates favor policies that will disproportionately hurt minorities, Santorum's stupid comments about “black people” and ham-handed attempts to walk back from those comments will force race relations into the national discussion.

Moderates have a stake in this campaign; for at least the past decade, this country has had a far-right party and a center party. Moderates prefer their country to have a center-right party and a center-left party. In the absence of any GOP candidates (the non-viable Huntsman excluded) who are anything less than far right, you might as well pick the candidate that will show how untenable extreme-right politics is. The incredible Goldwater-esque drubbing that Santorum will receive at the hands of Obama will shock the GOP out of its delusion that their far-right wing represents everyday Americans, and bring them back towards the center, if ever-so-slightly.

So please, if you are a progressive, a liberal, or even just a moderate who’s sick of how extreme and hypocritical the Republican party has gotten, please get all your friends out to the polls on primary day to vote for Rick Santorum. You’ll thank yourself later.