Santorum For GOP


Romney To Travel Back In Time To Kill Liberal Versions Of Himself


Excellent anti-Romney ad from Rick Santorum. One for the textbooks.

Democrats and independents in Wisconsin: remember you can vote Santorum in tomorrow’s Republican primary, prolong the Republicans’ agony a little longer, and keep the discussion on issues like contraception that are destroying the Republican party among women. Plus, let the Republicans pay for more Romney-savaging ads like these and save us some money.

Hey people who hate Rick Santorum! I have a devious scheme which you guys will love.


Let’s all help to get Rick Santorum elected in the primaries!

Being the nutcase that he is, he has absolutely NO CHANCE at the presidency. By working to make him the only one on the Republican ticket, shutting out more moderate folks like Mitt Romney, we won’t have to worry about Obama losing the election! Because there is no way that Rick Santorum would be elected to the presidency.


No need to limit it to your Republican friends. If your state has an open primary or caucus, tell ALL your friends to vote Santorum. For your liberal friends, let them in on the joke. For your conservative friends, just pretend it’s because you think he’s a real upstanding guy, even if you don’t agree with his policies. “I don’t trust that Romney guy, always changing his position. At least Santorum’s a straight shooter!” That ought to do the trick.

An Unconventional Strategy For The South

So I’m going to advocate something weird for tomorrow’s open primaries in Alabama and Mississippi: vote Romney.

Now I know this sounds unusual from a blog advocating Santorum to win the GOP nomination, but if you think about it, it makes strategic sense.

You see, there is one key thing Santorum needs to surge ahead once again: He needs Newt to get out. Newt is soaking up votes that Ol’ Frothy needs to pull ahead. If Newt had not been in the race, Santorum would have won Ohio and maybe even Michigan. We need the next Ohio and the next Michigan to go to Santorum, not to Romney. That means we need Gingrich to pull out.

Gingrich has said that Alabama and Mississippi are both must-win states. His entire claim that he has a path to the nomination is based on him having strong support across the south. All 2 (count ‘em, 2!!) of his wins so far have been in the deep south. He hasn’t shown any ability to win anywhere else, unlike both Santorum and Romney who have been competitive in swing states. If Gingrich loses either of the two deep southern states that vote tomorrow, he will have proven that he can’t win consistently even in that region, and he will have to drop out.

Now the question is, how do we give Gingrich the best chance of losing tomorrow? In both Alabama and Mississippi, his closest competitor is Mitt Romney. In fact recent polls have shown Romney ahead in Mississippi and less than a point behind in Alabama. If Romney wins, Newt will have to give up the claim that he can beat Romney for the nomination, because it will be clear he can’t even beat Romney in his own backyard. If Romney wins, Newt will have to drop out, and let Santorum be the sole remaining anti-Romney. The cost will be giving Romney more delegates in these two states, but the benefit of getting Newt to finally face the music and drop out will be allowing Santorum to win close states with even more delegates, like Indiana, Illinois, and maybe even California.

I know this blog probably has very few (or no) followers in Alabama or Mississippi, but just in case I do, I’m encouraging you to vote Romney tomorrow’s open primaries. It’s the best way to insure a Santorum nomination and an Obama victory in the long-run.


I am an Obama fan. I believe he can accomplish much more than he has if he is elected for a second term. If you are a democrat or an independent I urge you to go to the polls on this Super Tuesday and vote for Rick Santorum. The only two Republican candidates I believe have a chance against Obama…

Remember, Super Tuesday Voters:

A vote for Rick Santorum is STILL a vote for Barack Obama.


Anyone who uses words like “libtards” and “feminazis,” and who generalizes with phrases like “that’s what you liberals want,” instead of using reputable sources and scientific research really shouldn’t be dabbling in politics online.

Also, proud feminazi right here. Try telling me you don’t think I shouldn’t have access to birth control because it means I’ll have more sex partners, but it’s ok for men to have access to condoms. Just fucking try.

When Rick Santorum becomes President he will limit birth control. Stop living your life like some immoral sperm dumpster. God made you more than that. Self-respect, sweetheart. 

Rick Santorum supporters: They fail to grasp the irony of telling a woman to have self-respect right after calling her a sperm dumpster.

Reason #4 to Support Santorum: Prolong The Nomination Race

(Just to recap, linking to reasons #1, #2, and #3 for liberals and moderates to support Santorum)

As Americans who want to see Obama re-elected, we want the GOP nomination race to go on as long as possible.

How does this help Obama? First, the extended contest is damaging all the GOP candidates. Just over a month ago, Mitt Romney seemed like the inevitable nominee. GOP insiders were gearing up to say only good things about him until November…and then he lost several primaries and caucuses. Now there are attack ads flying at every candidate from all sides, and all of them are losing favorability. Meanwhile, their need to constantly campaign in order to win primaries gives them more opportunities for gaffes and blunders, in contrast to which President Obama looks competent and presidential. While they’re all busy bickering over issues most Americans don’t care about, Obama is busy being a leader. Is it any surprise that Obama’s job approval ratings have finally reached a net positive, after months and months of net negative ratings?

The other big reason we want this contest to go on is that it makes the candidates adopt more extreme positions, especially “moderate” Romney, in order to appease the GOP base which is far to the right of the average American. Did you watch last week’s debate? You can find it here. At 1:27:30 you can hear Rick Santorum accuse President Obama of “reaching out” to America’s enemies and being “afraid” of Iran. Then listen as Newt Gingrich says “as long as you’re America’s enemy, you’re safe” from Obama, but if you’re America’s ally Obama will throw you under the bus. Then when it’s Mitt Romney’s turn to answer (at 1:30:06), he AGREES with Gingrich and Santorum!

This is, of course, a ridiculous position. It’s nonsensical. The leader who got Bin Laden is protecting America’s enemies? What????? This line of reasoning cannot win in a general election. It is simply red meat for the far-right GOP base. And by prolonging the primary contest, we are forcing all the candidates, including the eventual nominee, to toss more red meat out there.

The problem for them is, the more red meat they toss out there for their base, the more out of touch they seem to the middle, not to mention seeming more uncivil. Would Mitt Romney have liked to run against Obama without questioning the president’s patriotism or sanity, but only his policy sense? Of course he would. He no longer has that option. Now that he is being forced to fight tooth and claw for nearly every GOP primary, Romney has had to cater more and more to the right fringe of his party and less and less to the moderate swing voter. Unfortunately for him, moderate swing voters are what win general elections.

We are winning. Simply by having these extremists in the race, we are winning. By prolonging the GOP race to the nomination, we win. The right can only lose the longer this has to play out. Santorum is a key piece in this process. Santorum is the one candidate that has done the most to roll back Romney’s “inevitability”, because Santorum keeps winning states that Romney is “supposed” to win. For this reason, he deserves our primary vote. Let’s keep Santorum surging.