Santorum For GOP

Why would a two-term U.S. senator and relatively successful national candidate associate himself with the looniest wing of the conservative movement? Probably because when it comes to conservative politics in the 21st century, it’s awfully difficult for anyone to become so extreme that Republicans will keep them at arm’s length.

looks like it was all worth it

Because Santorum stayed in so long, Romney was forced into positions he couldn’t backtrack from convincingly enough to pull it off.  This project is officially a success.  Stay tuned for the next stage: I think Mr. Frothy may still be useful.


So I caught Rick Santorum’s speech at the RNC today on NPR as I was driving home, and I actually listened to the words for once instead of just screaming “RICK YOU ARE SUCH A TWAT” into the air.

After he was done, I screamed “RICK YOU ARE SUCH A TWAT” and it felt Oh. So. Good.

Is this what the republicans mean when they tell me to abstain because delayed gratification is so much better?


Santorum will no longer be on the lips of young Republicans! 

…wait…that’s not guaranteed 

Santorum pulls out! In other news, he is quitting the presidential campaign.


Rick pulls out before impregnating our country with his bullshit.