Santorum For GOP
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    extreme tea bagging republicans* and a few others…
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    I’m sorry, I don’t really give a shit. Why are they willing to vote for a party that has dedicated itself to hating the...
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    HONESTLY THOUGH. Guys we need to stop playing sides… I have republican friends and family and you need to realize that...
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    Yeah, count me in as one of the voices of disapproval for this one. There’s nothing about that woman that should...
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    I don’t give a fuck about left or right. The op/source/creator did not know who this woman is (unless there was unshared...
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    Weighing in here- the Republican party is full of racist asshats, but this image is pretty fat-shamey.
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    I thought the point of the American’s existence is to pretend everyone else’s problems don’t exist and yours are the...
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    Sadly, I know quite a few that share those sentiments above…. Thank God I have a brain.
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    Wow someones drinking the Kool aide again
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    The only path forward for our nation is the UTTER DESTRUCTION of this Republican Party. November 6, 2012 → OCCUPY A...
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    the disease killing America
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