Santorum For GOP
Moving On To Super Tuesday

So, last night’s caucus in Washington was a bit disappointing. About two weeks ago Santorum looked so far ahead in Washington that it turned out to be quite a surprise when his polling went south after Michigan.

Before anyone starts feeling relieved that the “less extreme” Romney is doing well, let’s recap the reasons why President Romney is just as bad as President Santorum: He will take away your birth control. He thinks his tax rate of 15% on millions is reasonable but wants to cut services to poor families who make next to nothing. He has promised to repeal Obamacare which is right now helping millions of Americans get the medical care they need. He will appoint extreme justices, who will overturn Roe v. Wade, to the Supreme Court. Make no mistake: a Republican victory this Fall will be a disaster for America, and Romney is the best man to make it happen.

Now, the question is, what’s the plan for Super Tuesday? By far the closest state is Ohio. Santorum is leading there by a mere 1% and Nate Silver gives him a 57% of winning, but other poll aggregators and InTrade have Romney ahead. We need Santorum to win Ohio.

This means we need every liberal and moderate we can muster to vote in Ohio’s primary. So if you know people in Ohio, mention this to them in the next two days. If you live in Ohio, work it into casual conversation with everyone you see between now and the close of polls on Tuesday that you’re voting for Santorum. If you’re talking to someone you think might be hard right, tell them it’s because you think he’s an all-around good guy. If you’re talking to someone who leans left or center, tell them it’s a prank on the far-right GOP. Mention the Frothy definition of santorum if they don’t already know. If you have Facebook friends or tumblr followers in Ohio, like and share our FB page and reblog this or any of our other articles (depending on which you think are most likely to convince your followers). Same thing with twitter followers: follow us and retweet us. If your friends are fans of Daily Kos, forget our articles, just send them kos’s articles about Operation Hilarity. Whatever it takes to convince them to vote Santorum this Tuesday.

Needless to say, if you live or have friends in any of the other states with open or semi-open primaries on Super Tuesday (Tennessee, Vermot, Georgia, or Massachusetts) you should do the same. Getting better numbers for Santorum is better than getting worse numbers for Santorum, in any state, at this stage of the race. But Ohio remains our main focus, because it’s the only one that’s close, and how Ohio votes could actually dictate who gets the nomination.

After Super Tuesday, assuming Santorum wins Ohio and the other states where he’s now ahead, and Gingrich wins only Georgia, it will get easier for us. Gingrich will drop out and send his supporters Santorum's way. It will be sad to have Gingrich's blatant crazy out of the race, but it will be worth it once he makes Santorum's blatant crazy competitive with Romney's bland, non-threatening facade (masking crazy policies).

We’re gonna win this thing. We’re gonna get Froth all over the GOP and expose them for the medieval throwbacks that they are. Just stick with it and spread the word.

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