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Nov 20

Santorum Keeps the Hope Alive!

“I am not…sure.” — Rick Santorum, about running for President in 2016


Dec 03

Please Stay Following This Blog

This blog has filled its main purpose, which was to hurt the Republican presidential effort in any way it could, and so will go on hiatus for the time being.  HOWEVER, we look forward to the Santorum 2016 campaign, and will revive immediately when Frothy declares his candidacy.  We will be organizing volunteers in every state to turn out the liberal vote for him during the 2016 primary season.  This strategy bore fruit in this election by forcing Romney into extreme enough positions that he couldn’t double back convincingly, and it will bear fruit again by pushing a man to the top of the ticket who says things so vile and crazy he will forever alienate all but the most die-hard Republicans from their party.

Thank you for all your help, and your dedication to keeping America reasonable.  Thank you in advance for helping to get Santorum to the top of the ticket in 2016, and finalizing the destruction of the modern GOP.

The Company Santorum Keeps -

Why would a two-term U.S. senator and relatively successful national candidate associate himself with the looniest wing of the conservative movement? Probably because when it comes to conservative politics in the 21st century, it’s awfully difficult for anyone to become so extreme that Republicans will keep them at arm’s length.

Nov 08


Nov 07


- Data’s Day


- Data’s Day

looks like it was all worth it

Because Santorum stayed in so long, Romney was forced into positions he couldn’t backtrack from convincingly enough to pull it off.  This project is officially a success.  Stay tuned for the next stage: I think Mr. Frothy may still be useful.

That’s all, folks.


Four more years.

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Nov 06

Dumb fuck is still taking credit for shit he didn’t do!

Dumb fuck is still taking credit for shit he didn’t do!

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Nov 05

When Even Fox News Contributors Call For The Republican To Lose, It's All Over -


Be sure to still vote though, just to be safe.

Of course.  Get out there and make sure what’s supposed to happen, happens!

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